This is 24

So I’ve been 24 years old for two weeks now! Very exciting stuff… okay, maybe not that exciting. Despite midterms just around the corner from June 7th, Aaron and I still enjoyed a nice dinner out to a new  restaurant downtown (10/10 would recommend The Golden) and obviously got ice cream, too.     In … Continue reading This is 24

Unicorn Frappuccino

... To continue the analogy, have you ever thought about how God has created each of us sort of like unicorns? Stay with me here... God created each of us to be special, completely unique from any other person in the world. To be colorful and joyful and pretty. But our society has led us to … Continue reading Unicorn Frappuccino


Goals. It seems like such a trendy word nowadays. We see the social media life of a friend, blogger, or celebrity and think they've got it all together. Their life is #goals. Don't get me wrong, goals are important! We need goals to be productive in life, to succeed, to move closer to making our dreams … Continue reading #goals

All about Me!

Welcome to my blog, [P]erspective of [A]ppreciation! If you didn't connect the dots yet, [PA] is meant to sort of be a play on PA, or physician assistant, which is what I will be when I grow up. Here, instead of referring to "physician assistant," I'm using the letters to describe my goal of approaching each day with … Continue reading All about Me!