Productive Shopping

Ahh grocery shopping… some people hate it and some people love it. I am the latter. For some reason, I just love grocery shopping! IMG_9276There are probably a combination of factors that contribute to this. For one, it’s a nice study break. Two, the Kroger we go to is AMAZING. It is massive and has such a nice selection of everything and even has a home section! And three, I enjoy shopping anyway, so this is shopping that I’m allowed to do because we always need to eat (whereas it might be debatable whether or not I need a new pair of shoes..).

Due to the size of our Kroger, the usually numerous things we need, and because I am a List Master, I often put a fair amount of time into making my list before I go. And if I’m prepared, I always prefer a paper list. There’s just something nice about physically crossing items off, you know? So when I sit down to put together my list, I’ve usually already thought or been thinking about what sorts of things we need. I then try to write my list in the order of the store. When the list is long, it can be annoying to have to re-hit every aisle at the end of the trip because I forgot one thing in each aisle. List written; done, right? Nope. I then go to the Kroger website to check the weekly ad and digital coupons that I can load to our Kroger card. If there’s a relatively unnecessary item that I’ve been waiting on a coupon to buy, I’ll add it to the list and add the coupon. If there’s a coupon for something already on the list, I’ll add the coupon, and then make a note of what the brand is and how many of the item I’ll need to buy. And then my list is done.


My coupon notes are mostly on the back, but for example, POST cereal was on sale, so where I was planning to buy cereal anyway, I noted POST. Same with Larabars. Aaron takes 1 with him for breakfast everyday. Even though we didn’t need a ton at the moment, they were on a great sale, so I made sure to note to stock up

You might be thinking,FullSizeRender 2 “Woah! OCD much?” Meh… maybe a little. But! Think about how much more organized and simple my actual shopping trip is! I can just go straight down the list and in a natural order of the store while only making minimal checks of the list (rather than reading the whole thing through multiple times to double check that I got everything) and without having to constantly check my phone to remember what my coupons were for. So really, it saves me time and some hassle while at the store, especially since our Kroger always seems to be busy. I mean really, why is the parking lot full at 2pm on a Tuesday?


IMG_9275Making a list like this also really helps me plan out what we need for the week or the next two weeks without going overboard. I try to make some mental dinner plans to have an idea of what types of food we might need. Sure, I can buy a whole bunch of vegetables for all these things I want to make, but if I know I don’t have the time to make them this particular week, or if I buy for too many meals, we don’t eat them, BAM! They go bad. And that wasted money adds up fast! This should *theoretically* last us for about 2 weeks (likely in addition to a trip early next week for things we run out of or other perishables that I didn’t buy this week).

Happy shopping!

P.S. Confession… Fort Wayne just got a new Aldi sooo I actually ended up doing half of my shopping there. I hadn’t been to Aldi since I was a little girl, so I thought I would check it out! More on that in another post, though.



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    • kaylajwolf says:

      That is interesting! If his home reflects the ideals of his product, I would imagine it to be beautiful, very natural and organic, and simple but elegant.


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