Finding a Reason (to sweat)

Ahh working out… it’s always feels like a bit of a love / hate relationship, ya know? I love the workout once I’m actually doing it, I love how I feel afterward, and I love its effect on my body. However… I hate the extra time it takes, I hate how out of shape I feel, and I hate the process that is “getting in shape”.

The nearly 12 months since graduating college have been the first 12 months since my pre-K years that I have not been an athlete. And after graduating, I was so motivated to get and stay fit for the wedding, that making time to workout was a necessity. But now… now I am lazy and there are a number of things I would rather do than spend an hour or two working out.

For example… a morning workout? Actually laughing to myself, because hello? Sleep > Sweating. A mid-day workout after class? Around that time, either a nap, a snack, an episode of Fixer Upper, or a combination of the three definitely outweigh my time on the treadmill. A workout after dinner? Time to hit the books instead of hitting the gym. You see my dilemma here? There just always seems to be something more appealing than breathlessly getting sweaty and tired to burn only a few extra calories.

BUT I know the benefits of working out (I did learn a little bit of something by earning a degree in kinesiology). Abs are definitely made in the kitchen, but it doesn’t hurt to shed a few extra calories at the gym each day. And after consistently working out, an increase in muscle mass will mean an increase in calories that are burned at rest! So it’s like a bonus reward for committment and consistency! Working out can also help improve thought and brain function. Who doesn’t want that? And, when you excercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that help your brain feel happy! In addition to all of these wonderful things, exercise also improves heart function, helps prevents chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis, and so much more. So… it is definitely worth it to excercise, you just have to keep in mind that it’s not an instant gratification type of thing.

Okay, so back to my dilemma. I want to spend time working out. I know I need to spend time working out. So how do I get myself to start working out again? Well, in this post-wedding state, I’ve tried a couple things that so far haven’t really panned out. I’ve tried to tell myself I’ll go at night. Nope, too much room for excuses. I created a lifting plan be all ready to go at the gym. Same problem (plus I’m a little nervous to see how weak I’ve become). So now… I’m going to bite the bullet and sign up for a half marathon (this one since it’s local and won’t be as difficult to fit in my unpredictable schedule).

Yikes. If I don’t get my butt in gear and start training, I’m either going to have paid $50+ for a big fat nothing (or getting fat, I suppose), or it’s goint to be a seriously painful 13.1 miles. So training it is. These first few weeks I plan to start out slowish. I’m going to try to consistently run 3 miles at a time and at least try to improve my pace and committment to running. Then I will start a training plan. Nike has a half-marathon (and many other distance options) training plan that seems comprehensive, competitive, and flexible for my crazy schedule. So I will plan to give that a go.

It’s going to be a long journey… eventually a 13.1-mile one. But I think (hope) that I can find the motivation, will-power, and energy to make it to the finish! I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way but would love to know… What are your busy-life training secrets? Do you fit in a quick run? A morning at-home yoga or bodyweight session? What works best for you?

Gotta run!


P.S. These are the shoes I’m wearing in the pictures. I’ve had them about a year and love them! I am definitely not a shoe expert and have mostly used these for in-gym HIIT workouts, but I think they are really comfortable and cushiony. And as a bonus, they are super cute and come in many awesome colors! And these are the Bluetooth headphones I use. I love that they stay in my ears, stay charged for a long time, there’s no cord to deal with, and I personally think that the sound is great!


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