Hey there! My name is Kayla and the handsome guy standing next to me is my husband, Aaron. We’re still newlyweds, and for quite a while, we’ll just be a little family of two… but that’s quite alright with me.

My current full time job is physician assistant school. I will graduate in August 2018 (yay!) and then look to get a job and start helping patients! For now I am unsure of what specialty I would like to work in, but that will all be laid out in due time.

When I’m not studying (which is a pretty narrow window of time), I enjoy hanging out with my hubs and thinking about things that aren’t PA school. Some of the other things I enjoy are spending time with God (time in worship is my favorite), putting in time at the gym to stay fit, making delicious food, and keeping up on¬†style that doesn’t break the bank… or sometimes instead, I just pin workouts, recipes, and clothes I wish I had.

To be honest, sometimes the time and intensity of school can be a bit of a drag… but that’s what this blog is all about! Seeking a [P]erspective¬†of [A]ppreciation each day! … see what I did there? God has called us to be joyful at all times and thankful in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Life is too short not to live everyday with joy and thankfulness! I hope that while you’re here, you can be encouraged, feel a little joy, and gain a perspective of appreciation!