Legal Jargon


This page is all about the legal disclosures I am required to make. I hope you don’t have any questions because I probably won’t know how to answer them.

Perspective of Appreciation is created and written by Kayla Wolf who is not an expert… just a young woman making it through PA school and learning how to live life. The various PA school application, study, or other suggestions, recipes, and workouts are not error proof. They’re just what have worked for Kayla. Perspective of Appreciation cannot be held responsible for your personal safety or the outcome of your PA school endeavors or healthy lifestyle attempts.

Respectful disagreement is okay as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, Perspective of Appreciation will edit or remove any comment that is deemed malicious, spammy, inappropriate, excessively offensive to any group or person, or a distraction from the purpose of this blog. Any individual who violates the comment policy on multiple accounts will have all future comments permanently blocked.

Perspective of Appreciation is hopefully (eventually) going to be a for-profit blog. This site may use affiliate links (meaning a commission would be earned if you made a purchase via the link). All content and images on this site are protected and may not be reused without permission from the author. If relevant affiliate links are used, Kayla will do her best to mark all as such.